Flex-Funding Program

What is Flex-Funding Program?

A revenue based line of credit designed to provide business owners with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your business has been pre-approved to receive fast working capital injections up to the Approval Amount, all while minimizing the cost of that working capital in two important ways.

First, while the Flex-Funding Program pre-qualifies your business up to the Approval Amount, it does not require your business to draw the entire amount. In fact, your business can continue to draw on the line as needed and there are no fees for keeping quick access to the unused portions of your line. Why pay for what you don’t need? Only draw funds when needed, so your business doesn’t bear the high cost of being locked into paying for more capital than it needs.

Second, the Flex-Funding Program provides a monthly discount schedule that ensures no fees are paid after your business no longer needs the working capital it drew. Just pay down your line and apply the discount in the schedule. Enjoy the benefits of having a reliable funding partner that offers a fair monthly discount rate and does not charge your business after the capital drawn is no longer needed.

ACH Funding

What is ACH Funding?

ACH Funding is designed to help our clients establish a stable and independent business.

This works by providing businesses with the funding they need without the burden of heavy lump sum payments each month, which can negatively affect the immediate cash flow.

Instead, you can take advantage of our micro daily payments or weekly payment options that spread out your repayment schedule making it easier to manage.

VSP Funding

What is VSP Funding?

VSP Funding is our unique business funding program where approved clients can enjoy the benefits of variable payment amounts, directly related to their unique business structure and cash flow model.

VSP Funding for Professionals

What is VSP Funding for Professionals?

We offer different variants of VSP Funding for different types of businesses.

One of our most popular VSP Funding programs is designed specifically for medical professionals.

Merchant Cash Advance

What is a Merchant Cash Advance?

Merchant Cash Advance is a simple and flexible funding solution for businesses to gain access to capital in order to operate or grow their business.
With a Merchant Cash Advance, you get funded a certain amount of money, and you then repay with an agreed upon percentage of your daily credit card volume.

Merchant Cash Advance is an effective choice for various business owners because it offers a payback schedule based on an agreed percentage from credit card sales.

A business funding option such as this will help to not overburden the business’s cash flow.


What is a Consolidation?

Making timely payments towards one outstanding business loan or cash advance can be stressful enough on a small business owner. When you have two or more, it might be difficult to manage and keep track of all payments, and maintaining cash flow can become overwhelming.

This is where our Consolidation program helps business owners save money and offer them more flexible terms to make payments more manageable and keep the business operational.

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